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Galaxy Hot Water solar hybrid heat pumps

Solar Hybrid Heat Pumps

Solar heat pumps are easily the most economical water heaters to install and run. Not only are they as energy-efficient as solar but they deliver more hot water and don’t take up roof space.

Galaxy Hot Water split system solar

Split System Solar

Split system solar have your collectors on the roof and the tank on the ground. These are the most popular solar hot water systems.

Galaxy Hot Water roof mounted solar

Roof Mounted Solar

Roof mounted solar have been around for years, They simply do not break down.

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Heat Pumps

Galaxy Hot Water heat pumps

Heat Pumps! What are they? How do they work?

Basically, a heat pump is a fridge set to reverse. There are many types all made differently by different manufacturers. Like most things some do it better than others. We only recommend the best and know that the heat pumps we install will give you the result you are looking for.

When installed in conjunction with a PV solar system, a heat pump can actually run for free.

They still use electricity the same as a normal water heater except a lot less. They are about 400% more efficient!

Check out the PDF charts down the page to see the comparisions.

Chromagen / Midea Heat Pumps

Indoor/Outdoor. Whisper quiet and cheaper than you think.

Available in two sizes, 170 litre and 280 litre. These reduce your hot water bill by over 60 %. Prices start at just $1600 installed.

STC rebates available.

Galaxy Hot Water chromagen midea heat pumps

Quantum Heat Pumps

Galaxy Hot Water quantum heat pumps

Quantum Platinum Hybrid

A new breed of water heater. Seven-year tank warranty and four-year refrigeration warranty give these the best warranty of any environmental water heater on the market. Not only is it so quiet you will never know it’s on but it is more energy efficient than the leading solar systems available. It is also thousands of dollars cheaper to install.

STC rebates available.

Roof Mounted Solar

Envirosun 300 litre roof mount

Stainless Steel Tank (type 444 ferratic stainless). This is a higher standard than 316 marine grade.

STC rebates available.

Galaxy Hot Water roof mounted solar

Split Type Solar

Galaxy Hot Water split type solar

Tank on the ground

So many to choose from – Envirosun, Rheem, Dux, Panels, Evacuated Tubes. Give us a call - we will have what you need.